A distant ship, smoke on the horizon

You are only coming through in waves

21 Oct


Captain Swan kissing + intimacy 


21 Oct




 #someone explain to me how i dont even watch this show but i feel the chemistry


I live for these tags.

oh look i found some more (all these from this post alone too)

have some more!

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21 Oct disneyworldsisters:

Fastpass to Terror on Flickr.


Fastpass to Terror on Flickr.

21 Oct

Killian - i know you want me - Jones

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21 Oct


4.10 Shattered Sight

21 Oct
'Cause all I think about is how you and I could electrify.
I hope that someday you might take me home and lose control.

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21 Oct


emma & elsa in ‘breaking glass’ stills (x)

21 Oct

Love’s Looking Good On You, by Lady Antebellum

21 Oct


21 Oct


I actually think I could watch a full hour of Killian and Emma kissing and I’d be happy and entertained